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The Importance of Making a Last Will and Testament

Posted by Serafini Sakran Lawyers on 6 February 2024
The Importance of Making a Last Will and Testament

What is a will?


A Will is an essential document that sets out your intentions and directions for your assets and ensures that your Estate is protected. Having a Will in place allows you to choose an Executor to manage your Estate and allows you to nominate your beneficiaries and direct how your assets will be distributed.  It removes any uncertainty or ambiguity for your loved ones and can reduce any delays in administering your Estate.


Why do I need a will?


The nature and make up of modern families has changed greatly over the years.  It is becoming more common these days to see blended families, “common-law” spouses, single parents, stepchildren and cross border living arrangements.

This has made succession planning for the average Estate more complicated and unpredictable.  Furthermore, the Legislature is continually enacting Amendments to the Law such as abolishing the automatic revocation of Wills upon marriage.

 This has created a world of greater complexity resulting in unexpected outcomes for those who have not thought things through or have not properly planned what will happen to their property and their children if they pass.

It is of fundamental importance for a prudent partner or spouse to have in place a proper Last Will and Testament and Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, to deal with illness, incapacity and untimely death.


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