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Our Business and Corporate Legal services includes: incorporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, asset sale, share purchase agreements, and unanimous shareholders agreements

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Incorporations, Partnerships, And Sole Proprietorships

Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Cooperatives and Joint Ventures are some of the different vehicles which are used by many businesses. We can advise which form is most suitable for your business needs and provide guidance throughout the process.

We will draft your Articles of Incorporation and follow through with subsequent resolutions and other documents required to complete incorporation, including appointing officers, directors and Accountants, issuing share certificates, confirming the fiscal year-end, banking arrangements, and more.

Asset Sale vs. Share Purchase Agreements

Selling a private business or buying shares in a company is a complex matter, and professional legal assistance is required for the directors or shareholders.

Our Business Lawyers will draft the Agreement and provide advice with both the terms of sale and closing documentation. We will assist the parties to the transaction to fulfil the terms of the Business Agreement and take the purchase or sale to a satisfactory completion.

A well-drafted Agreement to buy or sell will determine the future of your business, and many hidden provisions may be unwelcome. Our Lawyers will give you business advice to avoid these pitfalls and help you protect your interests.

Unanimous Shareholder Agreements

Corporations will need to create Unanimous Shareholder Agreements (USA) to establish smooth corporate governance. This is helpful in managing the relationship between shareholders. If disputes arise between parties, a USA provides a method to resolve such problems quickly.

 Our Lawyers will draft the USA with a range of features, including buy-sell shotgun clauses, pre-emptive rights, governance and management, financial terms, and other provisions designed to protect parties rights and interests. The creation of such documents is complex and requires precise use of language to ensure that there is no ambiguity.

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