Estate Planning

At Serafini Sakran, we provide advice on Estate Planning, a process to create a structure to manage your assets and provide for your spouse and children into your golden years and beyond. This will include bequests to heirs, Trust Funds, the creation of an Estate Freeze and drafting Wills, Powers of Attorney and Family Trusts.
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Estate And Trust Planning

Estate and Trust Planning needs will change to keep up with life changes such as:

  • Old relationships end and new ones begin
  • New family members are born
  • Disability or incapacity
  • Change in Beneficiary
  • Changes in your assets

Trusts are a critical part of Estate Planning. A Trust is a legal entity which holds assets on behalf of a Beneficiary; the Trustee acts as an intermediary between the gifting party and the Beneficiary. A Family Trust is a useful tool in providing for education, financial support, structuring the inheritance, and control over assets.

Estate And Trust Administration

Acting as an Estate Trustee or Executor can be a demanding process. Serafini Sakran provides advice for the Administration of Estates and Trusts.

We help you navigate the complex legal landscape, provide you with the advice you need to ensure the proper administration of the Estate, and compliance with legal requirements. Our lawyers will provide all the help required with procedures, applications, banking, administration and winding-up of the Estate.

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